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Adrienne Hedger - A Humorous Look at Life: Glamour


Funny pictures about How my brain works. Oh, and cool pics about How my brain works. Also, How my brain works.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 84 Pics

Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel. MORE LAUNDRY hahaha funny quote

Funny Jokes About Laugh By Minions

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Maybe this is only funny if you work OB...

Push, Push, Push In the Delivery Room: "In the Delivery Room"woman: Oh GODDoctor: Push, Push, Push man: shove the woman Doctor: I meant her!Man: I DID Push he

You pick up on their train of thought and can see the ending, so know the answer before they ask the question

I'm usually done hearing people before they even finish talking because I am a fast listener. Yes I Am.

it's ok to be a bit shallow.

Funny Reminders Ecard: It's true money can't buy happiness, but I'd cheer up much faster while sitting poolside in a loungechair outside of my oceanfront mansion.

So so true. - Click image to find more Humor Pinterest pins

Funny Confession Ecard: I fully intended to have the house cleaned, dinner made, and look incredible when you got home. It's just that I fell asleep.

InfertilityMom: Last Chance Homeschool Sale!

Im not sure how many problems I have because math is one of them. I HATE MATH

Adrienne Hedger - A Humorous Look at Life: Can someone invent this car feature STAT?

I wish I was still young enough to want to set the world on fire. But I'm in my 30's with kids, I just want to be in bed by 10pm.    Feels like I'm 30 sometimes....

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