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Innocent affiche en 4×3 les compliments de sa communauté #communication

Innocent affiche en 4×3 les compliments de sa communauté #communication

Learn about what's going on in our heads today. #science #selfhelp

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Internet addiction is a compulsive dependency people experience using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Humanity is thriving at the beginning of the period called the Information Age whereby digital devices and electronic communication channels are a priori. Information technology, video gaming, cyberspace and virtuality are new technological advancements children and adults are increasingly becoming dependent upon leading to negative consequences.

Visit the iPredator Inc. internet safety website to learn about their telephonic internet addiction screening and exam with a NYS licensed psychologist.

Infographic: 16 Types Of Facebook Users

16 Types Of Facebook Users [Infographic]

Great safe search engine for children with a super catchy name!

Their own description: "Searchy Pants is a simple and safe internet search engine for families, children and pupils." This about page contains other helpful links.

Adolescents do not get the gist when it comes to making risky decisions online

Excessive internet use contributes to the development of school burnout. School burnout, in turn, may [.

13 signs you're addicted to Pinterest (At least "pinning this article" isn't one of them :-). )

Which employees would you rehire? Imagine an employee is reapplying for a job with your organization after a long absence. Would you hire him or her again?