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I hate going home it's not my family I love my family I just love being out enjoying life as it comes

I dread going home, and I dread leaving home for school. The entire world is a fear-filled terrifying place.


Something that doesn't get talked about enough - low-key parental emotional abuse or/and manipulation>>> happens to me all the time and I'm just expected to respect him

Yup. I want to talk to someone, but I don't want them to know the extent of what I live with.

fuck parents who do this. this is why i'm a dysfunctional human being.

i always think my friends don't really like me but just hang out with me cause they feel bad for me.

as someone with an anxiety disorder, i can say that once i get the idea that one of my friends hates me or i messed up on something big or something terrible has happened, it literally does not leave my mind until i have confirmation that it isn't true.