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Modern science sets: fun to play with, practical for use in developing countries.

"I love you" 3dprinted customizable jewelry © www.bza.biz these earrings can be customized by your voice / audio recording #soundwave #voiceprint #waveform #customizable #jewellery

This is SO awesome. Use sound waves to make personalized jewelry, how awesome is that? A good idea would be to take a clip from a family video of a loved one who has passed and put their voice to a piece of jewelry

3D-printed prosthesis.

Industrial designer Scott Summit makes beautiful prosthetics. This is what happens when an industrial designer/ex-Apple employee and a printing guru get together to make artificial limbs. Awesome that a industrial designer can help in the medical world 👍

Rise Of The Insect Drones 1-29-14  "Nature spent millions of years perfecting flapping-wing flight. Now engineers can reproduce it with machines." Engineers will NEVER be able to come close to replicating a bee. A bee, or any pollinator, is more than a collection of wires and sensors. There is an intelligence there only gained thru millions of years trial and error that an invention in a lab has no way of matching.

The Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee), a tiny millimeter-scale flapping wing robotic insect produced using Printed Circuit MEMS (PC-MEMS) techniques and featuring pop-up book inspired assembly.

3D printing in 18k gold

This platform of cufflinks would take six hours to build with technology from Cooksons Precious Metals.