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guinea pigSo WHAT EXACTLY is NEW?

Look at this sweet, bristly fluffy little guinea pig, 2 diff color feet!

Where's my Mariachi Band? So. Damn. Cute.

Funny pictures about Mexican guinea pig. Oh, and cool pics about Mexican guinea pig. Also, Mexican guinea pig.

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- especially the "plop", which is how they go to sleep.

This made me laugh way too hard.

The 30 Greatest Moments In The History Of Cute

Danish stand-up comedian Nikolaj Wulff ( shared this photo of his pet guinea pig getting REALLY excited about finding a piece of carrot. I have the same expression when I run across a slice of cake. Carrot cake, of course. Via I Can Has Cheezburger?

little guinea pig girl

miss my piggy buttercup didn't look like this its just soo cut and reminds me of her!

Photos A Meme that Describes Your Guinea Pig

My Guinea Pig, Mr. Guinea Pig squeaks anytime the refrigerator opened, probably conditioned when getting lettuce and carrots out of the fridge for him!