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 I love that yellow represents Suicide Awareness and Support for our Troops. One of the reasons I'm getting the ribbon as a tattoo.

Yellow Ribbon represents Suicide Awareness and Support for Our Troops.

Mental Illness awareness encompasses so many different issues in the world. because it affects the individual. It shouldn't be treated like a separate aspect of medicine or something only sick people should have to care about, everyone needs to practice sound mental health and wellness. The mind is just as important as the body, and maybe even moreso because it affects so much of daily life...

This is a mental illness info-graphic that breaks down the numbers and actually shows you how common mental illnesses can be. It's some hard to process. Especially when it's so prevalent in my own family and some refuse to get help because of the stigmas.

Break the Silence, Break Down the Stigma.

Help educate and enlighten those individuals who have no understanding of what it means to live with a mental illness. Help promote understanding and the elimination of the stigma associated with a mental health diagnosis.

Everyone deserves a little time to care for themselves. For those suffering anxiety, self care can help immensely.

Self Care for Anxiety: Create a Nourishing Practice

Self Care for Anxiety - Blessing Manifesting - When you can identify with having a stressed personality it is important to practice self care especially when stress is inevitable.

Embrace your problem and decide to fix it. Your decision to get better means a lot to me. www.dealwihmentalillness.com

I feel is touchy feely in today's world. Most people that have no form of anxiety or depression. They just can not comprehend how a person feels. So, I see a lot of times people saying it's just an excuse.

I will explain the 5 Stages of grief and why I think there are some differences when it comes to suicide survivors and the grieving process.

The 5 Stages of Grief for Suicide Survivors

I think we all feel essentially broken sometimes; nothing is beyond repair.

Keep Talking about Mental Health

Isn't this a great phase that can be used as bringing awareness? In order to stop stigma, we have to bring awareness on mental health by talking about it !

September is National Suicide Prevention Month: 17 Warning Signs ...

September is National Suicide Prevention Month: 17 Warning Signs

motivation for depression

Finding Motivation When You're Depressed

Finding Motivation When You're Depressed Everyday Health surveyed our readers about where they find motivation and strength when managing depression. Here's what we learned.