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haven't seen this one before!

Corny Cow Humor: What did the mama cow say to the baby cow? "It's pasture bedtime.

If you're going to insult someone, being historic about it does up your game, I guess. Helen Keller

Parking Fail: Learn To Park Helen Keller (must keep window chalk marker in purse at all times)

"made in vagina". This is all sorts of wrong. But I did laugh.

Humor is awesome. The word "vagina" is awesome. People's reactions to using the word "vagina" in everyday conversation is awesome.



Sometimes being random is a good thing. Most of the time being funny is a great thing, so these random funny pictures and a good, great thing. Enjoy both the randomness and and humor of these pictures.

Sad that I was born after the 80s.. I missed the most gloriously tacky shit.

25 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You Wish You Had. -This NOT my style of fashion, but had to pin due to it's so classic for ugly christmas sweaters & the photo is hilarious, esp. the baby goat with the santa hat in her lap. Can't get any better than this.

Grandma really did it this time

Getting real tired of your shit, mixer. Getting real tired of your shit mixer

So I am feeling a little pessimistic right now!

Unless life also hands you water and sugar, your lemonade is going to suck. Very technical, but it is very true. You wouldn't want your life to be just lemon water, now, would you?

I probably should buy this.

I probably should buy this.

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