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tough ladies

Its pay weekend so grab your besties and go cause some trouble. We’re taking inspiration from some key badass girl gangs.

You were never a Pet ... Always and Forever my Precious Baby Girl. Your Mama misses you.

You were never a Pet. Always and Forever my Precious Natty Baby Girl. Your Mama misses you 💔

Ojala llegara el día que pudiéramos compartir con los animales feroces sin ningún temor.

Zyne Summoners are connected to the elemental forces. They often can commune with animals and plants and/or control the weather.

Elvis, my little face - my little soul mate. I loved you from the day we met - and I always will.

My fluffy fat Baby. I will miss you everyday. I will never loose hope of being with you.

Wes:: "Hey, im Grey. Im 20 and single. Im the right-hand man to the leader. Im best friends with his daughter, Stormi. Im very humble, love children, and even looking scary, im a huge teddy bear. im also on the army guard. Come say hi."

::Wesley Tucker:: "hey I'm Wesley Tucker but I go by Wes. I'm 19 and single but kinda looking"

Ace & Jig Fall 2016—Ken Russell Teddy Girls

Ken Russell - January 1955 The last of the Teddy Girls Pat Wilson posing with umbrella aloft TopFoto/Ken Russell

The Zoo for soft toys - not sure how our house filled with soft toys in the first place but we could really use something like this.

DIY: Toy storage is a big issue for a lot of families – especially so when soft toys are involved. The Zoo is a perfect storage solution and a toy in itself – perfect for keeping teddys, dolls and any burgeoning plush menagerie contained!