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I'm with President Obama: “Teachers, Firefighters, & Police Officers Deserve Our Support!


If the minimum wage had kept pace with the rise in executive salaries since America's poorest paid workers would be making more than twenty-three dollars an hour.

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don't ever let people silence your voice! And ladies, remember our strong sister soldier Aice Paul taking a hunger strike in prison for you!

The Supreme Court's recent decision to remove safe passage to abortion clinics in Massachusetts

The Supreme Court Enjoys a Much Bigger Buffer Zone than the One It Just Took Away from Abortion Clinics

7 Surprising Facts about Ann Romney

Ann Romney: “Why should women be paid equal to men? Tell that to the poor women who worked outside their home to support their families since the beginning of time.


The Obama campaign's lawsuit in Ohio seeks to restore early voting rights for all Ohioans, including members of the military and their families. Don't let Mitt Romney get away with false accusations—share this widely.

Romney vs. Obama

Barack Obama on

Mitt Romney really does not care about half of America. On September MotherJones released a secret camera phone video of Mitt Romney making a speech to ab.

How To Think About Obamacare « The Dish

by Dish Staff Kitty Holland and Ruadhán Mac Cormaic report on the latest abortion controversy in Ireland: The young woman who was refused an abortion and later had her pregnancy delivered by Caesar…

Stand With President Obama Against  Citizens United.   " OUR VOICES DON'T MEAN ANYTHING TO THEM."

We have a right to know exactly which corporations and individuals are spending millions in attack ads to influence elections—and what their agendas are.

Nope...no hamsters voting that I can see.

"Gay marriage won't lead to dog marriage. It is not a slippery slope to rampant inter-species coupling. When women got the right to vote, it didn't lead to hamsters voting. No court has extended the Equal Protection Clause to salmon.

Vote for Democrats across the board this time. Let's give him the supportive congress he deserves!

What did you do at your job the last 3 years?

President Obama has done so much! It's not fair that Bush screwed over the US so badly that Obama never stood a chance he was set up for failure. I don't regret my vote for Obama.