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Stop slaughtering Whales and Dolphins

The oceans have a finely tuned ecosystem and humans need to understand this. Whales and Dolphins are not the property of humans. They should not have to be afraid to travel in their own environment. These animals belong to the ocean not to you!

Our grand children wont see them

Short documentary explains the consequences of the market for ivory. Either we come together now to make these the last days of ivory-funded terrorism or we witness the last days of elephants in the wild.

magic world around: Baby Dolphin in Marine Park

Video of Baby Dolphin in Marine Park Shows Exactly How These Animals Feel About Captivity

“Defending Your Dinner” Contest Sparks Letter  to The New York Times Magazine  Fifty-Nine Signatories Found It a Disturbing, One-Sided Contest

Responding Effectively to 13 Frequently Asked Questions About Food, Fiber, Farm Animals, and the Ethics of Diet - United Poultry Concerns

Obama Puts a Brake on Shipping to Give Whales a Break-:):):)

Right whales will now be enjoying some added protections in ecologically sensitive area as shipping is ordered to slow down, reducing the risk of ship strikes.

Tell the EPA: Save the bees | CREDO Action.  Please sign this petition!

Tell Lowe’s: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides. Sign the petition Sign the petition to Lowe's: Tell Lowe’s: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides. Global bee populations are declining at an alarming rate and putting our food supply at risk –