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When I first saw the work of Edward Muellar, I couldn’t believe that he actually paints such incredible 3D street art. He uses his kn...

The street painting “Crevasse” by artist Edgar Mueller is seen in this undated picture during the “Festival of culture”, 2008 in Dun Laoghaire, Irland. Edgar Mueller put a part of the eastern Pier into the ice age. This project has been support.

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Planet Streetpainting, a Dutch chalk art collective made up of street artists, created this amazing street painting of a LEGO Terracotta Army for the Sarasota Chalk Festival in Florida.

amazing 3d street art

The amazing artwork is drawn on a flat surface only using chalk by artist Edgar Mueller. The illusion of his artwork is only recognized from a certain angle when viewing the amazing art.

amazing 3d street art

This fantastic artwork was painted by German street artist Edgar Mueller. The artist has held the title of the master of street painting since and I can definitely see why judging by this painted waterfall! Remember to Like,Pin,or Comment. Thanks!

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In pictures: Edgar Müller's 3D street art

{The Crevasse, a image by Edgar Müller, in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.

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Check out some of the most famous artists of sidewalk art as well as 101 of the most amazing street paintings and drawings you have ever seen!

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Third cave project in Ptuj, Slovenia, by Edgar Mueller. Mueller has created some of the most famous and instantly recognizable pieces of Street Art including the street flowing with lava and the huge caves opened up beneath the ground.