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Lord Death- Soul Eater by WatersCry on DeviantArt

This is lord death and his little mini version of him self that he made INFO Name: Lord Death (rest of the info i don't know sorry) Name: Mini Death Hie.

death the kid shirtless

Death the Kid (almost) shirtless is like a llama riding a unicorn across a rainbow on Mars. In another dimension. This is true.

Justin isn't a bad guy he's a death sycthe and he worships lord death??

{ Justin isn't a bad guy he's a death sycthe and he worships lord death. He's one of my favorites, so yeah- }>>omfl thank you. When it asked if your confused yet I was like yes, yes I seriously am why Justin is a bad guy.

I'm soul and my friends are Blackstar

Haha, nice Cosplay of SOUL EATER, Soul Evans & Black☆Star <<Don't watch it but this is hilarious

You can't outrun the fangirls.... >:)

Photo of HURRY BLACK STAR for fans of Soul Eater. Black star needs more the speed star to out run fangirls

Lord Death vs Kishin Asura round.2 part 1 - YouTube

Lord Death vs Kishin Asura part 1

Soul Eater ~~ Patty must drive Liz nuts. :: [ You know it's funny! by ~Ammy442 on deviantART ]

In case your wondering, Patty is the one that's staring at the closed book, trying it study for a test.

Death the Kid; Soul Eater

Soul Eater : Kid by on deviantART~;~ Death the Kidd (Soul Eater)