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Life (Not OSHA Approved)  califmom, via Flickr

OSHA ruled in favor of a truck driver who claimed he was fired in retaliation for expressing safety concerns over hours of service violations.

Found all in one guy

No, I havent met mr. but i have met, mr liar mr player mr asshole & mr douchebag

What the fuck is an f-bomb?

I was asked why I use the F-bomb so much. I replied "What the fuck is an F-bomb?

Will & Grace- Karen was the best part of that show

My all time favorite Karen Walker quote

Haha! The PERFECT relationship. Best part is I didn't search to find it.

25 Dating Tips Every Introvert Needs To Know

I want someone I can share my life with who will leave me alone for the most part LOL

Look, if you don't get over your 'man period' soon, I'm going to push you in front of that bus over there. Okay??

our men today

Sometimes I think, "Screw this job. I'll just quit and be a stripper." Then I remember I'm fat and can't dance.

Sometimes I think "Screw school I'll just quit and be a stripper" Then I remember I'm fat and cant dance.


My Heart Belongs to a Truck Driver Handstamped Necklace with Semi Truck

Lots of people can be drivers, few can be TRUCKERS #TruckDriverAppreciation #porkrinds

Thank a trucker today!

Funny auto corrects cried from Lmfao

I just laughed so hard my stomach hurts and tears are streaming down my face! I needed that! Absolutely the funniest thing I've read in ages. I'm still crying!