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DH didn't even notice the poster-size salt dough map of Italy on the counter a few weeks ago!

by Christine C. from Homeschool Ryan Gosling This was us last night . except it was a spontaneous crafting project of the 8 year old's instead of a volcano.

Hey girl homeschool. I love how you managed to tie in our morning devotional with algebra. So true.

Like when my science book randomly starts quoting the gospels or when my Algebra teacher goes on a rant about the uses of math in evangelism (none so far have been proven useful)

Hey Girl... it's Ryan.

Especially the new Classical Conversations Timeline! World History Timeline by Sarah

I need to come up with better topics for date night. Lol!

Cause our "no money, no kids" talking rule does not apply to homeschool. It is a teacher/principal conference to discuss the academic achievements and improvments within the classroom setting.

hey girl, i'd love to hear the difference between a direct object and an indirect object.

A little Ryan Gosling meme for homeschoolers

Hey girl, I'd love to hear the difference between a direct object and an indirect object. Thank you Ryan.

Make that "Eat another donut/cookie/brownie" and yes, you've got me

i don't know this ryan gosling thing started.sadly i don't even know who he is, but this is about homeschooling and totally funny and maybe just a little too real!

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Haha I thought this was funny.but I would be in running clothes, super hero cape, and tiara LOL