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Dave Ramsey

Money and objects ultimately won't make you happy. Live your life for something greater.

Keep first things first. Keep your priorities in order. ~Dave Ramsey

Sacrifice means spending lest time on entertainment and more time on improving your life and family. - Ramsey - Keep the first things first. Get your priorities in order.


Do your research when making large purchases. In bargaining, the one with the most information wins." - Dave Ramsey this my attitude towards my car purchase!

The goal!

Spending Smart: Dave Ramsey - Spend less money than you make. It's that simple!

Budgeting explained (via @Dave Ramsey)

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Dave Ramsey! Wouldn't be headed in the direction I am without his no nonsense financial advice

Kids shouldn't go hide in their rooms while mom and dad work on the budget. Get them involved so they can learn.

Dave's Daily Tip

Don't let great investments become to great to manage and repair. "Real estate is a great investment, but only if you're ready. Never invest with debt.

"Debt is dumb. Just say "NO" to credit cards, car notes, and student loans." - Dave Ramsey

Debt is dumb. Just say "no" to credit cards, car notes, and student loans. Say no to debt!

The change is yours to make.

Dave Ramsey Wisdom: You cannot out-earn your stupidity. You must make a change in your life.


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You should only buy a house when you can put 20% down with a payment of no more than 25% of your take-home pay on a 15-year mortgage. #davedaily

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Dave Ramsey

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Same-as-cash isn't a service to help you out. They are designed only to make money for the seller.

"Same-as-cash contract are a financial bear trap. They are designed to convert into payments.