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The quest for slowness, which begins as a simple rebellion against .

Surf Fishing at Sunset in Oceanside - July 3, 2013

Surf Fishing at Sunset in Oceanside - July 2013 by Rich Cruse

32. Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing on the Outer Banks. Looking down the beach you will see, dotted along the surf-line, solitary figures holding fishing rods staring into the surf.

Surf Fishing Tips - Tips on How to Surf Fish #SaltwaterFishingTips

Surf Fishing Tips - Tips on How to Surf Fish #SaltwaterFishingTips

North Carolina's Outer Banks: An Anglers Paradise: North Carolina’s Outer Banks offer one of the finest and most productive surf fishing venues in the country.

Outer Banks Fishing Tips

10 Tips for Successful Surf Fishing: In late summer and early fall, anglers should look to the surf for some great fishing action.

How to make a cheap and effective Sand Spike for Surf Fishing

Making a surf fishing sand spike is easy and relatively cheap. Easily made from common construction material found at your local hardward store, they will hold your fishing rod upright in the sand while you wait for the big fish.

Surf Fishing Basics

Saltwater Surf Fishing Basics

If you plan for some productive saltwater fishing, hit the beach with these tips on reading the surf, choosing baits and tackle and locating fish Bass Pro Shops

Bait to Use for Surf Fishing

Bait to Use for Surf Fishing

Baits that are effective in surf fishing reflect the natural food sources at the shore that fish are accustomed to eating. In some cases, you can scavenge.