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#Obama  - Money to resettle refugees BUT no money for Senior Citizens.

- Money to resettle refugees BUT no money for Senior Citizens.

This is the Leftinistas at their best! Say they are for the little guy, then fuck them and steal their money, keeping your poor and in servitude. The Democrat way.

Wake up Americans, you're being lied to! This usurper-in-chief didn't mean "fundamentally transform" in a patriotic, die-for-America kinda way.

Stop the insanity!

"INSANE Obama wants every citizen to prove they are insured.but people DON'T have to prove they're citizens.

vitamin B17 found in Apricot seeds destroys cancer cells

Cannabis & Vitamin are both banned by the FDA when they have the abilities to destroy cancer cells.

We gotta take care of our own house before we start cleaning anyone elses...

I'm sure there's a politically expedient reason for this, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what it is!

Nov 2015. Just to clarify, there were a few reports. This is such an important issue that shouldn't be an issue at all.

Europeans may "march" but as God fearing Americans with the Right to bare Arms we Must destroy the enemy!


Arrest Barack Obama for treason, fire Joe Biden. And a traitor too!the worst president EVER, Liar in Chief, Golfer in Chief, go back to Kenya.in the leakiest boat around!

o'queen - Have you seen her wave our Flag? Move over Hanoi Jane, here comes Peking Michele.

Not to worry it’s just Michelle Obama waving the Red China Flag, ~ Which is considered a communist country ~ therefore a communist flag. Have you EVER seen her with an American Flag?

Osama bin Ladin

Strange facts about the so-called "death" of Osama Bin Laden. There wasn't a Osama Bin Laden. The Twin Towers was an attack arranged by our own government. Don't believe me, look at my board and do your research.