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Crowley is the one that writes those amazing fanfictions that leave off on a cliffhanger and then are never updated again.

Crowley writes about baby moose angels and some kind of demon-angel-human-spawn that accidentally happened during the one night stand three way that we know he had with Dean and Cas.

Those nice demons ... Gosh you  can't find good help these days ...

Why are the Demons always too nice? Then there was the yellow Eyed Demon. Like, dude wtf?

Crowley Xmas

Promo - Fangirl - Supernatural goodness sakes, I didn't know what the hell that was, now I get it!

look he's so sad... don't hurt Crowley like that. He's so sad........

This is actually kinda sad. Crowley just wanted a friend, he was having a good time with dean. I think that crowley made dean into a demon because he thought Dean was super cool and wanted to hang out with him.tbh he looks like a really sad teddy bear


My husband was always a Bobby Girl, but he loves the shit out of Crowley. Crowley is so good at being bad and I harbor so much hope for him.

Trying to enjoy your fandom without crying.

I love Crowley. He's not just the king of hell, he's the queen of drama! (gif set) "I came out to have a good time, and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.