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You know it's cold outside...

cold outside when: you go outside and. you know it's cold outside when you go outside with a boner and come back in with a vagina pic loosely related cold outside

My absolute favorite thing about the summertime is all of the opportunities to be outside. Between hiking, going to the beach, hanging by the pool, or just going for a walk, there’s so much to do and so much time to ~*celebrate nature*~. The downside to all of this outdoor time? My hair seriously suffers. … Read More

21 Summer Haircare Tips To Protect Against Heat, Humidity, And Sun

Regram from @butterflywithabrokenwing couldn't put it better. People assume because you "look fine" you are, its not always the case. Dont judge a book by its cover #EDS #chronicpain #chronicillness

This is a brilliant picture explaining how invisible disabilities are. Just because one "looks fine" doesn't mean they "are fine".

A fantastic DIY craft: air dry clay! This clay has so many fun uses and no waiting for baking!

She Mixes Glue with Cornstarch … Why? Kids Will Have a Blast With This!

Check the way to make a special photo charms, and add it into your Pandora bracelets. A fantastic DIY craft: air dry clay! This clay has so many fun uses and no waiting for baking!

Whenever I'm sad I'll usually think of a fictional character that I like and that'll cheer me up. It's good to find something that helps you cope with sadness or other things.

The amount of times various fictional characters have helped me through various aspects of my life. Too many to count --> And for those who have to create your own to better cope with life

Once stumbled upon a Christian forum where they wanted to ban anesthetic during pregnancy because "women deserve to suffer for Eve's wrongdoing, it's God's will." The belief that women go through periods + childbirth as a form of punishment is brought to you in part by religion, and is part of the reason why I need feminism

I don't want to live on this planet anymore

I love him

I'm glad that he wears what he wants and doesn't let other people's opinions affect him<<<me too! I love Dan and no matter what he says he really is a positive role model