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I am now down 15 pounds...only about 10-15 more to go!!

I am now down 15 pounds.

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Tbh she looks great both ways cause of the way she carries but pinned for the inspiration.

Unethical life hack

Here Are 16 Unethical, Immoral Life Hacks To Get What You Want. They’re Evil… Yet Genius. I'm pinning this for the hacks that aren't unethical.

YES ME AND MY FRIEND DO THIS ALL THE TIME it's a place called Foy Union and they will try to answer ANYTHING

did it & asked who is the drummer for all time low & they said rain dawson ahhhhh then I called again & asked who's the drummer for & the guy said "i don't even have to look that up it's ashton irwin, my daughter loves them but michael's her favorite.

I would love to try this buuuut there is a troll face there…

The drivers are gonna shoot eye daggers into you, but, you can safely cross the street. 10 LIFE HACKS/TRICKS TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE this seems like a horrible thing to do, I think I'd better go to a traffic light

100 Weight Loss Tips By Dr Oz

100 Weight Loss Tips By Dr Oz

Call Me Maybe Mighty Squat Challenge - seriously. You gotta take 3 min out of ur life and try this.

'Call Me Maybe' Mighty Squat Challenge! KILLS your legs but it's a great, fast workout! I highly recommend! All of her videos are great! I will eventually look at this, and I'm going to work out to call me maybe