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Wacky Sacks - Somewhat Simple  Playdough filled balloons

Wacky Sacks - Make Your Own Stress Ball

Home made book

Whose Smile? Homemade Preschool Photo Book - Take photos of family & friends' smiles for a recognition game.

Pink and Green Mama: * Homemade Recycled Calendar Mod-Podge Puzzles

Pink and Green Mama: Homemade Recycled Calendar Mod-Podge Puzzles

Homemade Sidewalk Paint

Homemade sidewalk paint recipe

cup cornstarch and cup water. Use a small whisk to mix it up and add some food colouring to tint your paint. Let the kids use it outside on the sidewalk and driveway, washes away easily.

wow! look closely, it's a lamp shade, paper clips and office clips for vertical storage. This lady should teach the class!

paper clips for hooks on lamp shade wire rims. have also seen washers or jump rings or shower curtain hooks on dowels or tension rods, and mini clothespins or badge id holders instead of clamps

magentic paper doll activity on a baking tray: tape the undressed doll to the tray, put magnets on the back of the clothing & accessories, & perhaps decorate the tray with some themed stickers to create an overall effect.

Have you been by Babalisme ? Neither had I until a friend mentioned a super cute Halloweenie dress up doll printable !

Could maybe do this? She free handed the animals and I'm not that talented. Maybe print from cricut and trace?

I'm excited to finally post this project because of the fact it's been a year in the making. I purchased the unfinished SVALA set at IKEA .