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Piece by Piece Warmer #Scentsy
Piece by Piece Scentsy Warmer | Autism Speaks Scentsy Warmer. portion of money is donated to autism speaks. available now march-2016 kay-hayes.scentsy.us
Use Scentsy wax that has lost its scent to make fire starters!! Great flippin idea!!  I will be using this for the bonfires I will have when i move back to my towonhouse!!
::TIP:: Discovered a new, cleanlier way of changing out old Scentsy wax. Simply put two cotton balls (one in the plug-ins) and it will soak the wax right up! Definitely easier than trying to dump it out in the garbage - you could end up getting it all over the wall (like me!). #scentsy www.mywicklessheaven.com
Pure indulgence for your clothes! Our Washer Whiffs (shown here in the tub of Black Raspberry Vanilla) gives your clothes an infusion of Scentsy fragrance! Available in 12 scents!  http://heatherthompson78.scentsy.us
scentsy bars!
Camu Camu & Simply Vanilla
Friends don't let friends burn candles! Scentsy; Practice Safe Scents! http://scentfullysinfull.scentsy.us
Scentsy Kids www.aishalee.scentsy.us
His and hers Mossy Oak Break-Up warmers! https://bnroberts20.scentsy.us