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Japan house ♥

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Carp Swimming - Japanese Style Garden in Unzen Nagasaki- wider shot of the private home and water pond garden in Japan.

30 Beautiful Backyard Ponds And Water Garden Ideas, i like that you can get in this

30 Beautiful Backyard Ponds And Water Garden Ideas

You are able to completely change your backyard into an awesome natural pool with exceptional water features. A natural pool design is a significant extension to your property.

I love the winding path with the stones

Rainy Day, Kyoto, Japan<<---- I found the place! I've been picturing this rainy forest for so long, and I couldn't figure out where it was or what it really looked like. I just could kind of feel it inside me. If that makes any sense at all!

Bamboo path lit with oversized and very modern lantern. #cleverlife

Id want more space for Elason to play in the courtyard but I like the outdoor retreat feeling for her in the middle of the city. Nature (and open floor plan) is the main reason we want this house.

This is giving us major backyard envy!

Ubud Villa Jo designed and built by Warren and Robbin Entry stepping stones over lotus pond The Only way is to experiance it.

Moroccan Garden....

A backyard in a desert region made to be a cactus and succulent sanctuary; nothing to mow, and everything thrives in an arid environment yet looks lush and green.

Hippie Chic are just a few ways people love to decorate their homes. These bohemian decor images will inspire you.

A well designed shower can amplify the effect and therefore, interior designers focus a lot on the shower design. Today we have rounded up for you some of the best shower designs from around the world.

The lighting, love it!

A deck in the trees with fairy lights and a bridge. This is my dream. All it need now is a tree house for the kids accessed from the deck.

Kyoto, Japan | by Tom go on 500px

To+dusk.+-+Main+hall+of+the+temple+favorite+in+Kyoto. it+was+chartered++state+thanks+you++go++to+closing++just+before+the+fall+ of+this++year.

Create lovely patterns in your #garden at night with light like this using Led walkway lighting

This might be a better approach than the wall mounted fixtures on the side of the house. We could install landscape lighting all through the gravel ourselves. Create lovely patterns in your at night with light like this using Led walkway lighting