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2016 TRABAJO PRÁCTICO Nº 2: “Reconocimiento del  territorio metropolitano de intervención y experimentación proyectual” Descargas: TPN2-Intervencion Urbanistica-2016 Listado alumnos ingreso 2016 in…

Trabajos Prácticos

MAPPING A PLACE ********************* [Glenn Murcutt - Landscape Interpretation Centre, National Park of Kakadu - 1992 preliminari sketch (plan) under a protective wing (section)]


The use of line and blocks of colour/grey tones sketchbook - Explore, Collect and Source architecture

Work has started on site for a public realm scheme to improve the upper section of The Parade in Watford Town Centre. Designed by BDP the project responds to feedback from local residents and businesses who want to see the town centre become more attractive, helping to bring shoppers, families and businesses to the area.

Public Realm Scheme Underway in Watford « World Landscape Architecture – landscape architecture webzine

「Foot work走思客」以分享建築/室內/平面設計/字型/文創/科技為主的網路雜誌

Stage: idea generation Material:biro Where: folio Who: architect, client (wealthy) Technique: 2 point perspective

Olympic Archery Range, Enric Miralles & Carme Pinos The design  added two new archery facilities to the complex–a competition pavilion and a training pavilion–separated by the length of an archery range. The two buildings are visually distinct but are united by a shared design process that takes into careful consideration the building’s place in the landscape.

AD Classics: Olympic Archery Range / Enric Miralles & Carme Pinos