Carl Christian Frederik Jacob Thomsen (1847-1912) — (477×699)

Carl Christian Frederik Jacob Thomsen circa 1880 Charming and it reminds me of some of my friends.

Petticoat Date: mid-19th century Culture: probably American Medium: cotton Dimensions: Length at CB: 46 in. (116.8 cm)

Mid century petticoat via The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art This quilted petticoat was most likely worn for warmth.

Evening Coat  Henry, Darling & Co.  1880s  The MET

Evening coat Henry, Darling & Company (Scottish) Add to MyMetEnlarge Image Date: Culture: Scottish Medium: silk, fur Dimensions: Length at CB: 49 in.

Awaiting the Visitor  Auguste Toulmouche 1878 - Marianne at the window looking for Willoughby

Drapes And Wallpaper. 'Lady At The Window Awaiting The Visitor' ~ by French Artist: Auguste Toulmouche