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House Progressives Cheer Populism in Van Hollen Plan

House Progressives Cheer Populism in Van Hollen Plan

Twitter Seeks to Silence Journalist’s Ferguson Coverage

When journalism doesn’t fit the leftist narrative.

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Cruising through the crisis: Kerry rides GIRLS' bike on Nantucket

Obama: Selling out America – literally.  Exclusive: Erik Rush warns of reported deal with China to take over U.S. lands Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/01/obama-selling-out-america-literally/#sjwQ2wJ3MVsJjjpG.99

Legalizing illegal immigrants is the solution to Obamacare: Democrat - Washington Times


A Mad Max Nation with no electrical grid ~ coordinated attacks on only nine electrical transmission substations in the United States could bring down the entire trinity of grids (called interconnections) that supply electricity to America.

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Joe Scarborough SLAMS Harry Reid ~> “Too stupid to be in politics” I can't help it but when I hear him speak he sounds like a gnome?

The Pentagon announced plans on Thursday to close 15 military bases in Europe in an effort to save around $500 million dollars a year.    While there will only be a slight reduction in overall force l

As Russia Looms, US Will Close Military Bases Across Europe: critics are concerned that this decision is coming at exactly the wrong time — when Europe is facing the prospect of further Russian aggression in Ukraine.