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Clutter-Free Classroom: TEACHING PROCEDURES & ROUTINES -Classroom Management Series

With the Decluttering Your Classroom Series , the Classroom Themes Series , and the Setting Up Your Classroom Series wrapping up, I am exc.

FREE Chevron Behavior System. Clip chart. Some things I really like about her system-earning tickets on how much they move up, saving tickets up for different level of prizes etc-but I don know if I like the actual prize basket.

A Cupcake for the Teacher: freebie Classroom behavior chevron clip chart

Back to School : Icebreakers & team building activities to engage social interaction @ Happy Learning Education Ideas

Getting to Know You! {30 Icebreakers & Team Building Activities}

social interaction activities for child at shcool.Great way to start off the school year!

Young Teacher Love: Smooth Sailing into a New School Year: Back to School Tips and a Giveaway!

It's CRUCIAL to establish routines from the beginning! This is a life saver! Classroom procedures to teach for easy management in the beginning of the year.

Classroom Behavior Chart teaching-ideas-decorating-fun

behavior management idea - - - shows both positive and negative behavior/work ethic.love this idea!

Did you know an eraser removes permanent marker? Going to have to test this!

How to erase permanent marker.nail polish remover, magic eraser, and writing over permanent marker with a dry erase marker also work.but this is super easy!

A great classroom management tool. by MissPRO

Classroom behaviour management tool - adapt to whatever language/policy applies to the class/school.

Instead of "I Don't Know", here are some ideas you can teach your kiddos!

Instead of making an "I don't know." poster, I should make a "I don't understand" poster to stop my students from interrupting my class instead of asking good questions

Great ideas to share with one of our new teacher ...Rock Stars

Definitely using this! And I LOVE the guitar! Classroom Behavior Management visual representation perfect for music classrooms or elementary classrooms. Students go up or down depending on behavior choices.

Popsicle sticks in a toilet paper roll in a cup.  Call on students by pulling names from the roll.  If you want to recall a student, put it back inside the role.  If not, put it back inside the cup.

Put an empty toilet paper roll inside the cup. Place popsicle sticks with students' names inside the toilet paper roll. After you call the student, place his/her popsicle stick on the outside of the roll.