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ガザの死者5人に一人は子ども #PrayForGaza 英紙 @Independent One in five killed in gaza are children http://ind.pn/UdqrDp   pic.twitter.com/GBCr56EKBh

Young relatives of four boys, all from the Bakr family, killed during Israeli shelling, cry during their funeral in Gaza City, on July

Brock Turner has been placed in protective custody to keep him safe from other inmates. Ironic considering he raped a young woman behind a dumpster.   If only his victim had the same protection he does. It's interesting that a judge wouldn't want to put a rapist in an environment that simulates how women feel all the time.   http://weheartit.com/entry/244299250

TheBahamianPrincess♚ This stuff is essential to feminism <<Unbelievable. He rapes a girl behind a dumpster and he gets LESS jail time because of his SWIMMING career and now THIS! With justice like this, who needs INJUSTICE?

The Bomber Effect » Fucking Young!

Shot in Brooklyn, New York, models Fernando Cabral and Paul Boche were photographed by Kriistina Wilson and outfitted by Alex Badia in an editorial titled "The Bomber Effect" for WWD Men's Week.

Bts fans just love to show how much they love bts by never letting the references go

Okay I even hate bts fans and I am a bts fan myself. So just.

5SOS tweeting each other  - Sugarscape.com

The 85 Funniest Tweets Of All Time

"Wait, don't tell me, heaven is a place on earth I wish I could rewind all the times that I didn't Show you what you're really worth"

That's just John

That's just John