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Kuroko's Basketball / Kuroko no Basket (黒子のバスケ) - The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays

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I just remembered I only started watching this show  because of the dog ^ and I was forced to go to a basketball camp :P

Kuroko no Basket - Tetsuya kuroko❤<< Number 2 is to adorable!

this is VERY CUTE, but, they wouldn't need all of them, because of murasakibara, and he is taller then the rest of them, and in this chibi he isn't!PFT xD

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Kuroko's Basketball/ Kuroko no Basuke || anime funny

HAHAHAHA well, they ARE all super gay (actually, I think Aomine is bisexual.

Kuroko's Basketball Full episodes streaming online for free. Great Sports anime even if you don't like sports!

Kuroko's Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke) - A sports anime I actually LOVE. Well-developed characters, super intense games, awesome animation, what's not to love?

Kuroko's Basketball / Kuroko no Basket (黒子のバスケ)

A pilot? Akashi, a professional shogi player? Kise more like a model or photographer or model and akashi i have no idea but more important that a professional shogi player

Lol Kuroko no Basket funny moments. Midorima is so cruel xD

Lol Kuroko no Basket funny moments. Midorima is so cruel xD // Don't be so mean, Shin-chan~ It's an adorable little puppy!