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Can't say that I'm fond of it: Dazzler's New Look - Comic Vine

Say hello to the all new dazzler! Debuting in Uncanny X-men 24 ” I wonder if anyone ever got her that walkman.

The cover to Trillium #8 (2014), art by Jeff Lemire

The comic started off strong but by 'Trillium the conclusion to the story was ultimately unsatisfying.

Angel and Faith #3 (Dark Horse) Image Comics!

Angel & Faith Season 10 All around entertaining issue. Crazy, Guru Messiah Lady Nadira is certainty an interesting change to the series. Just kind of wish they didn't ruin the final page on the freaking cover.

Angel & Faith: Season 10 #8. Long haired Angelus always looked kind of like a douche to me. No exception here. Still, good comic. Read 11/26/14

Buffy and Angel - Buffy Comics Discussion Thread - Page 16 - Fan Forum