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Arctic Fox Pup (Vulpes lagopus), St. George Island, in the Pribilof Islands, Alaska.

Ever Watchful — David Ryan Taylor - Fine Art Photography

Visiting the horses of Summer Bay, Dutch Harbor, Alaska

The Horses of Summer Bay

I'm assuming this is a dog collar, because if it's a keychain then it takes on a whole new meaning haha.

"If you can read this I will lick you" Dog Tag. What does it say about me that *I* would wear it, and yes, lick anybody who came close enough to read it?

Love my pup Cooper

Love my pup Cooper

Mustache toy, hilarious!

A Dog With A Ball And A Humanga Stache

Your dog wants to be a silent movie villain Ball toy attached to curly mustache Made from non-toxic solid natural rubber Your dog wants to be a silent movie villain


I mean there is not much that is cuter than baby otters. Did you know that otters hold hands in water as they sleep so that they don't drift apart from each other? I need a baby otter or two!

Babies  their Mama's or Papa's

Moms and babies. Love ♥ Every time I see the otter presented her baby my heart melts,