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Oceanic Whitetip Shark Diving Expeditions - Epic Diving

Epic Diving with Bahamas Sharks. Check for Details and learn more about Great Hammerhead, Oceanic Whitetip, Tiger shark diving expeditions.

Fish Index - Goblin Shark

The Goblin shark( Mitsukurina owstoni ) is a rare species .As you can see,it is in fact far more hideous than the prehistoric shark that it resembles

On this weekend in 1975, sharks were getting a bad name from the premiere of the movie "Jaws." Today, as if on cue, there are two shark reports – in very different parts of the world – sending shivers down the backs of beachgoers everywhere.    Great white sharks have been spotted off the coasts of both Western Australia and Cape Cod.

Great Whites Detected off Cape Cod

By A Natureza E Os Animais: Fundo do mar.

Go to South Africa,specifically the area called the ring of death and just watch great white sharks jump out of the water. Not get in the water but just see them jump like Shamu. DEFINATELY on my bucket list of things to experience before I die!

The whale shark

Whale Shark Photograph by David Doubilet who is one of the greatest underwater ph top 10 06

I just can't believe that thousands and thousands of these fishy monsters live in the ocean for real....AND WE KNOW THIS.....and still go in that bitch! No sir. Not me. Ain't nobody got time to die!

That a cool photo. Fighting in the water for the hunger and fighting in the sky for the life- What is wrong with his mouth? On the right side above the merging of top and bottom jaws, it does not look a natural injury.