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Purple clay house

Clay House Heart Home in Purple and lime green

memories(:  Rainbow Bright

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows and growing up…

I wanted to be rainbow bright. Try and tell me that riding a horse over rainbows is not amazing

This is the cutest!!!

"If you give a man a wookiee, he's going to ask for a fast spaceship. When you give him the spaceship, he'll probably ask you for an astromech droid to help with repairs. Once you've reached light speed, he'll ask you for an Alderaan princess.

Maps, Ottomans, Game Of Thrones, Cards

Game of Thrones Business Cards

A Song of Ice and Hires: Game of Thrones Business Cards.I think Stannis is the funniest.

Moss explains Dungeons and Dragons

View Times The IT Crowd Did Nerd Comedy Right" and more funny posts on Dorkly

true, except for the comic books.  That should read "fantasy novels"

The dork brain - If you made the Monty Python quotes smaller, the social skills a bit smaller and the useless trivia larger. it would be MY brain!

Sharpies + Alcohol + Ceramic Tiles = DIY Coasters » Curbly | DIY Design Community

Sharpies + Alcohol + Ceramic Tiles = DIY Coasters

(DIY COASTERS) Sharpie coasters with rubbing alcohol. Possible art club project


The Stark name is strong :D Imagine Tony as a lord XD