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one of the best videos to come from smosh. Tom Hiddleston is such a classy male. If you haven't seen Smosh's "Interview with Loki", go watch it now.

I was a little creeped- until I realized that the last on is Mister Hiddelstone twice. That cancelled out all the creepy. (smosh interview with Tom Hiddleston)

I know Leslie is a guy get over it. It's just art TAWOG: Characters... by uig on deviantART

I know Leslie is a guy get over it. It's just art TAWOG: Characters. by uig on deviantART

The Amazing World of Gumball

I was crying when I watched this bit# let's try look less scary

Steven Universe, Over the Garden Wall, The Legend of Korra, Gravity Falls, Star vs the Forces of Evil

Dude, you have to see this

stevenuniverse, overthegardenwall, korrasami, gravityfalls, starvstheforcesofevil>>>>> I do believe the show is called 'The legend of Korra' but Korrasami works too

GIVE US ALL THE FOODS!  #IsItDinnerTimeYet #hangry #tawog by cartoonnetworkofficial

I'm to lazy to make an Amazing World of Gumball board so I'm just going to put this on another board.