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and I want these.

Hogwarts/Harry Potter House TOMS by hayleykayarts on Etsy Slytherin!<<<<Do this except with Ravenclaw :)

NEEEEEED Hogwarts Alumni inspired sweatpants alumnus hoodie on Etsy, $23.99 Want. So. Bad.

Hogwarts Alumni inspired sweatpants alumnus hoodie on Etsy,

Harry potter génération☆☆☆☆☆☆

I want this shirt so much! My childhood is summed up in two words: Harry Potter. So this shirt IS my childhood.

Harry potter TOMS

Items similar to Made to Order Custom Painted TOMS Harry Potter Patronus Shoes on Etsy

This is the greatest thing, even if it was a prank at the beginning I love how everyone sent an owl back.  Showed how important Harry Potter still is to us

How to prank your friends with Hogwarts letters! Or to prank said friend back with owls of acceptance. So awesome!

A Harry Potter Wedding Proposal!!!! This would be an instant, undisputed yes, since I would be mocked by my sister and family if I did a harry potter wedding!

A Harry Potter Wedding Proposal

I would love to add some Harry Potter things to a wedding.including the engagement! Such a cute idea to put the ring inside a Golden Snitch!

I'm definitely not all about the wedding pins, but this... this is an exception.

I usually am not one to pin things about weddings but I can make an exception for this! If we ever do a vow renewal