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How to Deep Clean Your Washing Machine

I love my washing machine.  I seriously do - it does everything it's supposed to, every time it's supposed to and how it's supposed to.  It never acts up or gives me trouble.  It's a lovely washing machine.    It's an Front Loader HE machine - and apparently these are a bit notorious for getting a little stinky.  A little mildew smelly.  And mine has gotten to that point.   But do not fear!  I have found a quick and easy solution using products from your home

DIY Washing Machine Cleaner-- 2 c vinegar, 1 c baking soda. Way cheaper than the tide washing machine cleaner I've been buying!

14 Futuristic Washing Machine Concepts - From Disco Ball Clothes Cleaners to Undies-Only Washers (CLUSTER)

14 Futuristic Washing Machine Concepts

smeg washing machine ~ and I love the idea of spray painting bottles of laundry soap and such! Are these tiny tiny doll house pieces? The colors and details remind me of Marx Dorris House Furniture .. if it is, I need it to go with my Marx Doll House!!

Smeg washing machine - smeg you so smart, putting the sink with the washing machine, and so pretty is pastel too

space saving washbasin I flat bathroom sink fits above washing machine I compact living.

Space Saving Washbasin,Flat Bathroom Sink Fits Above Washing Machine - Buy Space-saving Washbasin Product on Alibaba.com

Space saving washbasin, flat bathroom sink fits above washing machine. Recycle water to washing machine?

Cleaning your Washer Naturally...Another thing I was sure would work (I love using Vinegar & Baking soda for cleaning); but *somebody* said let's just buy the tablets that are made for the job instead.  Well, now I  know my suspicions were completely right, and we'll use this method in the future :)  -KWA

How To Clean a Washing Machine Naturally

Knowing how to clean a washing machine (specifically a top loader) naturally requires little more than vinegar, baking soda, and a little elbow grease.

Ovum Washing Machine

Supercritical Washing Machine - Imagine a stain-fighting appliance that uses no water and no soap. This is the concept behind the Supercritical Washing Machine.

I love it when companies re think things like Washing Machines! This is a Bauknecht, it's round, and I like it.

The first round washing machine, designed for Bauknecht by Berlin based Arman Emami, is the household appliance liberated from the box like shape, corners and edges. The round fluid form offers the look of potential future home appliances.