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Kay Mellish

How to Live in Denmark by Kay Xander Mellish, a Review


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random facts ~ i actually knew the blue eyes thing from reading an article about it recently.pretty cool since i have blue eyes :)

Blue Eyes Love Quotes | people with blue and green eyes are hyper and love to laugh. they tend ...

Blue and green eyes.blue eyes are a genetic disorder.<<< I have a mix of blue/green/gray eyes and I'm most of this.except for the long relationships thing (minus friends) but I can get hyper if I want to b. Overall this is true

Everyone has failed to mention people with blue eyes would have blue hair...

Mai life<< l especially since I have hazel/brown eyes too and brown hair XD>>> lol I don't>> I did but I dyed it so now my hair is blue ^.^ <<< I have almost-black-eyes-but not-enough-dark-to-be-black and brown hair, but I want to dye too!

""Wow! You've got beautiful eyes!"  -something anyone with brown eyes has/will never hear"

But haven't you ever seen brown eyes in sunlight? They turn a beautiful dark gold that nobody hates.---- Yah No that doesn't happen, trust me I have brown eyes and they don't become beautiful in sunlight

I have green eyes and this is totally me!!!!!! lol

green+brown+gold = hazel eyes = me. I just have green hazel eyes. The shyness thing doesn't explain me too much.