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By Sandra O'Hare: As a novice to gardening I looked to the iPad App Store for help in learning and planning what I would like to put in my yard in the future. Each App was very different and had very different promises. Here are reviews of five gardening apps from the app store.

Mockup of the news site on the iPad. CC Ipad photo by jaredearle I must admit, I'm actually an apple fanatic. I found this place where I got to test and keep an ipad and iphone, it's cool, check it out.

Top early literacy apps! This is wonderful list of literacy apps that has earned great reviews. The list includes apps for learning sight words, spelling, and reading skills!

This is simply a list of apps most of which are free that help with early literacy. They are good for young children to play on when maybe they are on car rides or have some free time. Makes using technology more educational

dozens of educational apps are featured here... great place to look if you want apps to help kids learn to read or review math concepts.

Best Apps for Kids

dozens of educational apps to help your kids learn their letters and count. My preschoolers love playing on the ipad!

iPad App | Handwriting Without Tears. As far as I'm concerned HWT is the ONLY way to learn handwriting!  Love this program.  Schools need to get with the program!!  And get out of the 70's/80's D'Nealian era!!!

Handwriting Without Tears Wet-Dry-Try: my favorite handwriting curriculum is creating an app for the iPad?

42 FREE educational apps from McGraw-Hill

42 free educational apps from McGraw-Hill

Aplicacions 2.0, les noves tecnologies a l’aula En els últims anys, l’ús de les noves tecnologies ha canviat gran part dels nostres hàbits. Mai fins avui havíem utilitzat tant les eines digitals i d’una manera tan massiva, fins i tot dins de l’aula. La majoria de docents consideren que les noves tecnologies han millorat de manera molt significativa la docència. De fet, cada vegada són més i més diverses les eines que podem utilitzar per reforçar l’experiència formativa.

Back to school iPad apps? Just don't forget the Digits for rockin math games!

Fun Educational Apps for iphone, ipod, ipad

Touch and Write - Gone Free! A nice handwriting app with fun choices of writing tools (shaving cream, frosting, ketchup.

Wet-Dry-Try! A wonderful multisensory writing app for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

(Now lowercase letters) Wet-Dry-Try! A wonderful multisensory writing app for Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Simply Second: Top 10 Math Apps

Simply Second: Top 10 Math Apps (also look at top 10 literacy and teacher apps as well)