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Also, I think you're brilliant!!! Serious, you're very intelligent and educated, I really respect and admire your cleverness, I bet you're the type that's very perceptive, far beyond average, I'm certain that you perceive things that most people are totally unaware of. To be honest, I have no options but always be honest with you, all the time, I'm a terrible liar, anyway, thus I doubt I could be able to keep something hidden from you, so I don't even try, you're too smart, you'd figure it…

her skin was rough with cracked lips, like pages of an old book// her skin was creamy white, her hair wild and untameable, like the pages of an old book

I love the "pressed flowers" look...

Fashion pictures or video of Juliette by Vivienne Mok for Magpie Darling in the fashion photography channel 'Photo Shoots'.

Prisonnière au milieu des marguerites

❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful art fashion photography of women and flowers - white night fleurs


It's like Marcel and Harry combined!j<<< please lord Jesus , if I can't have on direction can I please have this equally as attractive human ?