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Today. Yup, definitely today.

Winter - this is so true. It goes: Winter - a little Spring - more Winter - a little Spring - then finally Summer << Is this Shen from Bluechair?

!! You can your change your Pinterest settings to not send email notifications with comments.. How are u.. how was your day.. it's been a crazy long weekend and week.. just now getting back into the swing of things. I hope it's a sunny down there for u as it is here ;) !! Btw, this is pin is LOL funny !!

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13 Creative Star Wars Jokes For Fans That Might Need A Little Laugh

13 Star Wars Dad Jokes Saved For The Daddiest Jedi

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what if i told you that these glasses play movies such as the matrix, what then? - What if I told you / Matrix Morpheus

I feel bad for the trauma this kid experienced but every time I look at this I crack up!!!

Ride a roller coaster they said - Funny kid on a roller coaster with hair standing up making a terrified face: "Ride a roller coaster they said - it will be fun they said"

Fuck excuses..true, though ego can prove to tell us otherwise..

"Fuck excuses, learn to admit when you fuck up." This includes trusting the wrong people (and subjecting yourself to abuse). If you never admit you're involved, the same shit will happen to you, ad infinitum.

LOL so funny and would be more true if I   ran -- besides I have a sister named Daisy who is a bassett   hound

When I go jogging…

LOL so funny and would be more true if I ran -- besides I have a sister named Daisy who is a bassett hound lolhilarious funny humor lexhaha joking lmfao epichumors haha crazy wacky funnypictures laugh lmao joke jokes silly laughing fun epic photooftheday

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Obama arming our enemies for years. Why Obama and Hillary don't want you to know about Benghazi.

Let's hope the bird is alright

This made me laugh so hard I started crying! Still laughing! The longer you look at it the more funny it gets! Big bird poopin on cars again!

The logic of Spongebob- there is none

The logic of Spongebob

Excuse me but that is a saxophone. The people tht made this must have been high af.

Believe half of what you see & none of what you hear;)

Can someone explain why this is so TRUE? People will question all the good things they hear about you but believe all the bad without a second thought.

Trust who!??? People have lied to many so many fucking times! Shallow fucks!  None of them have balls to tell me to my fucking face!

I know that sounds strange, but I fear loving another for just that reason - trust. If the same thing were to happen ever again, I truly don't think I'd be able to come out the other side like I did before. let's just keep it simple, shall we?