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There is a line Niall, and you crossed it.

There is a line Niall, and you crossed it.( don't forget where you belong)

paprika:  when you log in on tumblr and actually got a message

When you hear the 'OW' in Heart Attack for the first time. Or you have your headphones in and the volume all the way up and Save You Tonight comes on.

who all is going to 1D's concert in Nashville tomorrow night? maybe we could all meet up and hang out for a bit? like a mini pinterest get together. :) lol

Okay so I was thinking maybe we who are going to the Nashville show could do something special for the concert. I don't really have any good ideas, but if you guys do please comment them below. Also if you're going to see them in Nashville

If ur a real directioner or are one , u should know were this is from , hahaha , nial said turdy seven

*cries for turdy seven years* >> is it cause he's Irish? I bet the boys made Niall say the table number when they were invited

Family we are<3

I have to say i'm back in but i'm only in for the TRUE DIRECTIONERS. Not the one's who hate their girlfriends or even the boys. I missed being in this fandom because it describes who I am.

Sorry guys. Got a mean case of the fangirl coming on. Oh who am I kidding? My whole life Is a case of the fangirl

Cause who doesn't want a picture of fetus Niall in a pink shirt at the playground?