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Walls & doors. Red shoes & Dorothy.

A Buyer Knocks On Your Door - Do You Let Them In? You have your home listed with a great real estate agent, which means you are looking to get your home sold. An interested buyer knocks on your door and asks if they can see your home.

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Yes you are! Don’t you dare doubt yourself! Keep working hard, and I know you will reach your goals!

Note to self... http://www.loapowers.net/young-entrepreneur-took-the-advantages-of-the-modern-world/

Note to self... http://www.loapowers.net/young-entrepreneur-took-the-advantages-of-the-modern-world/

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Violets are blue and so are you. This poem can be read and perceived in so many ways. and each way is beautiful. Sad but beautiful

Tell them wveryday

My rad sister sells her prints and stuff. You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important - Aibeleen Clark - art print

How we respond or react is going to play a very important role in everyone's life. Let's do the perfect will of God and lead them in the direction of Christ.:

These thirteen quotes about tolerance will inspire you to examine your prejudices and love your neighbor.

only exist when you want something...

I forgot that I'm no longer important to you, that I am no longer apart of your life, that I am not longer your best friend. I remember when we were close, but it seems like I'm starting to forget that too.