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Autor: Barbara Arbanas Kovačević Matrix World Po prvi puta u povijesti, kineska vlada je javno priznala da ozbiljna izlaganja kemikalijama putem zagađene vode, zraka i okoliša uzrokuju porast „kanc…

China Admits Existence Of 'Cancer Villages' In Report, As Pollution Concerns Mount The Huffington Post

Emissões de Carbono da China pode ter atingido o pico Já | Central do clima

China’s Carbon Emissions May Have Peaked Already

La fotografia de Alexander Gronsky

La fotografia de Alexander Gronsky

1 | The Solar-Powered Dream Car That Just Won A 1,650-Mile Race | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

The Solar-Powered Dream Car That Just Won A 1,650-Mile Race

This car won the North American Solar Challenge by more than 10 hours.

Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Fog and haze shroud Beijing again" http://be.net/gallery/46179517/Fog-and-haze-shroud-Beijing-again

Fog and haze shroud Beijing again

Pictures of the year - suicide

A photographer was shooting the pollution over the Wuhan Yangze River bridge when he captured these images of a double suicide. A couple made their way to the bridge’s edge and both jumped, one after the other.

the Forbidden City in haze_Beijing

the Forbidden City in haze_Beijing

very heavy water

A huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico kills 11 workers and results in million barrels of crude oil spilled.

The City Of Pompeii  When Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79, it rained ash for six straight hours, burying the town and killing everyone living there. The ash had the strange effect of preserving everything there, leaving much of the city’s history frozen in time

In the year 79 AD, Italy& Mt. Vesuvius erupted with superheated ash that rained fiery death on several Roman cities nearby. But none was hit harder than vacation town Pompeii, which was buried in a thick layer of broiling ash in a matter of seconds.