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Faites la différence! Lisez!

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Sometimes this is correct but mostly it's more like put it down so I can actually get a few hrs of sleep before my day must start!

Sometimes I tell myself "Put down the book and get some things done." Then I tell myself "Be quiet." This is soooo true!

Easy peasy....

Linus (Peanuts): "I did it! I walked right into the library. And I took out a book!" (all open stacks, apparently)


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This could happen at my house.  Definitely..... Maybe I should invest in an E-Reader to prevent this from happening?

This is so me! My husband would always buy me a new bookshelf every time there were more books than shelves!

Happiest. Person. Ever.

Seriously though, I would love a job where I got paid to read books! Please anyone tell me where to apply! If I could be paid to read books, I think I would die happy.

~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~  How I felt today when I finished reading Allegiant!  I truly am going to need the weekend to recover.  Brilliant series with a brilliant ending, written by a brave and dauntless author who took Tris to a completely appropriate ending.

15 Reasons Why We Should Of Stopped Reading Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent And Twilight (for Obvious Reasons).

"I can't come into work today because a work of fiction has left me emotionally crippled." - if this was a legitimate excuse, I would use it at least once a week

You Know It’s A Good Book When…  I just did this with 'The Fault in Our Stars'.  Got it last night a 11 and now I am sad it is over.  If you haven't read it do.  Like RIGHT now!  Warning:  it has serious feels.

Funny pictures about The mark of a good book. Oh, and cool pics about The mark of a good book. Also, The mark of a good book.