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On January 26, it will be 18 years since My So-Called Life’s final episode aired. Not a day goes by where I don’t mourn its untimely cancellation. #music #claire #danes #jared #leto

The Revenge of Angela Chase

My So Called Life Reunion! Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano, together again! I think bittersweet is the thing this makes me feel.

claire danes and winona ryder

claire danes (FN) and winona ryder (SG); a great picture showing the difference between blunt yang cheekbones and yin rounded cheekbones

Groove Poster.jpg

Best rave movie ever! Good one for those who want to know how things used to be with house music.

Which do u prefer?? I love all songs are my life ❤ #30SecondsToMars #JaredLeto #ShannonLeto #Tomo

Which do u prefer? I love all songs are my life ❤

"Tomo @tomofromearth" - Vicki´s Instagram

"Tomo @tomofromearth" - Vicki´s Instagram

Jordan Catalano / jared leto

The 24 Most Important Things We All Learned From "My So-Called Life"