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Spice Imperial

There's far more to Black Tea than milk & sugar.

History of Tea Infographic

The History of Tea

INFOGRAPHIC: IT’S ALL ABOUT TEA How was tea discovered and when did this happen? What kinds of tea are available and where are they produced? Where most tea is drunk? Types of Teas, production and consumption including some health benefits of tea.

STARBUCKS : Frappuccino  I need to try all of them. They all sound sooooooooo GOOD

The only one I have ever tasted was the double chocolate chip and then had the chip removed which made it a mocha. I've been getting the same exact thing from Starbucks for 8 years now. I am going to try something new this summer ♥

Find out about the different types of tea. Get the facts and more information about coffee

Types of Tea

Tea and vinegar stained table top http://countrydesignstyle.com #agingwood #rusticstyle

Rustic Style

tea-and-vinegar-stained-table. Try on pallets! outdoor DIY - Home Decor - Kitchen DIY - wood projects

Forming Face wash DIY Only 3 ingredients.

Forming Face wash DIY Only 3 ingredients - Pure Tea Tree Oil drops) Dr. Bronner’s Organic Liquid Castile Soap (approx.