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Prepare your tin cans for war. | Vintage Poster. #vintage #poster #wwii

Save Your Cans

"Save Your Cans - Help pass the Amminition" ~ WWII recycling for Victory poster.

Sow the Seeds of Victory

12 Fantastic Victory Garden Posters

Victory garden advertisement, c. The advertisement reads: “Sow the seeds of victory! Plant and raise your own vegetables. Write to the National War Garden Commission, Washington, D.

"Join Women's Land Army of the U.S. Crop Corps," Morley, U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943; 28x20"

Women’s Land Army, US Crop Corps US Government Printing Office 1943 artist: Hubert Morley

WW2 Poster

We can do it: 14 posters of women who worked for the war effort

Anon Change Over to a Victory Job propaganda poster Nd © Australian War Memorial

Homefront: Vintage Military WWII WW 2 World War 2 We Can Do It Postcard. This is a propaganda poster saying that women can do this. We can take charge and help lead this country.

This is a War World II poster urging women to help in factories and other duties that need help. This was a time that showed sense of female pride as they support the war equally. There help was needed badly.

Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them (1942) - illustrated by Lawrence Beall Smith.

With World War II now more than sixty years ago, it's easier to appreciate the propaganda posters of the era for their artistic merit. Allied posters of the age aimed to influence citizens to.

Enlisted for duration of the war. Help the national egg collection for the wounded, by R.G. Praill ; Avenue Press, London W.C. Created in 1915 as a color lithograph at 75 x 48 cm. Summary: Poster showing a chicken wearing a red leg band and a sash decorated with a crown.

Help the National Egg Collection for the Wounded

Enlisted for the Duration of the War - Help the National Egg Collection for the Wounded - 154 Fleet St. - London E. This poster was designed

greatestgeneration: “ Be a Marine ”

greatestgeneration: “ Be a Marine ”

"Don't Just Kiss 'em Goodbye, Work to Bring "em Back" ~ WWII poster, 1942-1943.

"Don't Just Kiss 'em Goodbye, Work to Bring "em Back" ~ WWII poster,