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David Terrazas is a freelance photographer hailing from the small northern city in Pamplona, Spain.

Gert Johan Coetzee, one of the most prominent South African fashion designers, followed suit by presenting an albino model as the face of his new collection.

Fashions new colour: Albino is the new black !

albinos he could find this black albino model is quite beautiful

//Patrick Gries// In/Visibility In Tanzania... IFTTT Tumblr

//…Patrick Gries…// In/Visibility In Tanzania, albino people are considered victims of evil or magical beliefs — so, they are not registered at birth and they do not die — rather, they.

Alexandria Copperfield — Albino boy|Amal Sofi -...

is it okay that i sometimes just look up photos of albino people if i want a mental image of aph prussia?

Eric Nehr

Eric Nehr photographed albino children in African Countries. This is Marie Louise. She is so beautiful

Top 10 Albino Animals - Albino Humans Albinism is a popular topic online, because it’s pretty awesome to see animals that look like living Greek statues.

Celebrating Albinism Week – Why I am in Love with Connie Chiu