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Sirius. Dumbledore. Fred. Lupin & Tonks. Etc.

Divergent, Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Harry Potter, and these are just the books. Don't even get me started on tv shows.

I haven't read allegiant yet, thanks reader chick! I am so angered about tris dying!!!

You cannot NOT cry.<---cry is an understatement<--- this is so amazing, it deserves all my tears.<---- they got all my feels and all my FANDOMS excuse me while I go sob in a corner

I love this poem <3

From Bo Burnham’s Egghead, This Is Magic // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

I just read the first one like a Normal fucking person and the second made my heart flutter like wow I'm such a fangirl

ekin on

I want a boyfriend like this! I blame books.<<< We all blame books, sweetheart.

Rhett Butler; Peter Pan; Clopin; Clark Kent/Superman; Lex Luthor (DON'T JUDGE); Gilbert Blythe; Angel; Han Solo; Anakin Skywalker (DON'T JUDGE ME FOR HIM, EITHER, OK); Indiana Jones; I'm sure there are so many more I am neglecting to mention... #NoShame

Lmfao so true! One of the biggest fangirl problem is shipping a fictional character with another character and yourself << when they aren't REAL! The struggle<< this was me when I was single and alone for a year

Sadly, quite the opposite....quite the opposite.....

Go read Hunger Games, Maze Runner (NEWT! 😭😭), Divergent etc. *mumbles* "happy endings. What happy endings?