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Disney Fairies are just like you, only tinier and more perfect. You are Fawn! You’re curious like a cat, friendly like a puppy, and open-minded like a… zebra who happens to be open-minded. You just really, really love animals. You also have a strong protective instinct and love to explore. What fun you are!

Quiz: Which Disney Fairy Are You

Whose your BFF?mine would be silvermist and the other fairy, in the brown outfit(Forgot her name just know vit starts with an f) who is the animal fairy.

I swear, when my future husband tortures me by making me watch violent action movies with him, I will torture him right back by making him watch the Tinker Bell movies with me.

OMG: See Your Fave #Disney Characters Hanging Out in Real Life!

See Your Fave Disney Characters Hanging Out in Real Life!

New Disney Side Photo Series Features Disney Character Lookalikes - Jessie

Jessie, Cuz i'm crazy with my friends, and i'm not afraid to show all my feelings at once!

Sometimes you stumble into a rainbow.

Sometimes you stumble into a rainbow." "I told you a rainbow collision is not an emergency!" "Ah but the purple's starting to itch!